Party Secretary Han witness NASSCOM outsourcing center and s

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  The delegation from the Chinese Communist Party Politburo member and Shanghai party secretary Han Zheng led, 5 to 9 May visit to India. During the visit, Han Zheng met with Prime Minister Modi and other Indian dignitaries, and examine and promote cooperation projects in New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, attended focus technology, innovation, financial-India cooperation forum for dialogue and IT services to promote the Shanghai and major cities of India exchanges and cooperation between.

  May 9, in Mumbai, India at the "China-India Cooperation Dialogue forum - Strengthening Sino-Indian partnership: focus on technology, innovation, financial and IT services", under the witness of Shanghai Party Secretary Han Zheng and other leaders of Shanghai outsourcing Trade Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as outsourcing center) and the Indian software and service companies industry Association (NASSCOM) signed a cooperation agreement. In the future, the two sides will further cooperation to promote Sino-Indian outsourcing industry. Shanghai Pudong Software Park Co., Ltd., general manager Zhang Sulong representatives of NASSCOM outsourcing center and vice-chairman of global trade expansion Shivendra Singh signed.

  Shanghai Service Outsourcing Trade Promotion Center and the Ministry of Commerce of the City of Shanghai cooperation projects, in May 2013 and formally established in Shanghai Pudong Software Park, the Shanghai Pudong Software Park Co., Ltd. is responsible for construction, finite Shanghai Pudong Software Park Huizhi Technology the company responsible for the operation, is currently the only platform to promote the outsourcing deal. Before signing, general manager Pu soft Shares Zhangsu Long, Shen Xiao Qiang, general manager of global trade expansion Wise and NASSCOM Vice-President Shivendra Singh talks. The two sides will work together to tap the potential outsourcing projects, organize transactions and business promotion activities docking activities for service outsourcing enterprises in China and India to build a platform to display, create favorable conditions for business communication between Indian and China and India in software and conduct data exchange and sharing of information and research results in the field of industrial services.

  Forum, Han Zheng secretary stressed that China and India has become an increasingly multipolar world in the process of an important force, China is trying to promote and actively promote the "along the way" building, India is one of the important countries "along the way" on we believe that India equality and mutual benefit and comprehensive cooperation, not only benefit the two countries but also benefit Asia, bring benefit to the world. Shanghai, China's largest economic center, should also be entirely possible to promote the Sino-Indian cooperation and make greater contribution. Shanghai Pudong development and opening up the reform and development, and the successful practice of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics, currently, we are in accordance with the requirements of the central accelerate the free trade pilot area construction, to promote scientific and technological innovation center building has a global influence. Shanghai is the biggest advantage of the open, we will unswervingly expand opening up, adhere to promoting reform and development, and hopes to strengthen cooperation and exchanges across India, learn from each other successful experience, to play their respective comparative advantages, the two sides work together to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, enhance the their international competitiveness.

  The center outsourcing contract with Indian software and services companies Industry Association (NASSCOM) is the most influential organizations in India information technology and software industry, position in the Indian and global service outsourcing pivotal, with 1800 members, members total output value accounted for 95% of the units of the Indian industry, policies to promote and consultants, industry consulting and coordinating role is obvious.

  In recent years, the basis for cooperation with the NASSCOM outsourcing center continues to consolidate. Outsourcing Center is located in Shanghai Pudong Software Park and NASSCOM has maintained a business relationship, and the park has more than Tata, HCL and other Indian software outsourcing companies settled. Currently, outsourcing centers already established a business relationship with Infosys, HCL, Zensar etc. NASSCOM member companies in China branch, while the world's leading human resources services company Judge (China) cooperation, the Chinese market introduction of Indian high-end software outsourcing talents, cooperation in the first year (2015) on the introduction of about 50 Indian software talent, in 2016 is expected to introduce more than 100 engineers in India to participate in China's software business software development.

  In the tide of globalization, Shanghai Pudong Software Park is multi-faceted, multi-channel international cooperation to accelerate the layout, and multi-national, multi-ground, multi deeper cooperation and build a variety of platforms to help more Chinese and foreign enterprises and talents, "bringing in" and " going out ", has always been to create a" world-class software industry innovation community "vision for the international Science City and Shanghai Zhangjiang internationally influential center of technological innovation contribute to the building.